Made to Order


Hello and thank you for your interest in our handmade papers. Our current lead times is 2-4 weeks but that is highly dependent on the size of your order. The more colors ordered, the longer the production of your order will take. 

To order simply review the information provided on this page before proceeding to fill out our order request form. 

Our Colors:

These are the 12 colors we currently offer. Do keep in mind that even if we follow our color recipes exactly, slight color variations may occur from batch to batch due to the nature of this handmade craft. But by choosing a made-to-order batch, we'll be able to keep your papers consistent by producing them in the same color batch. 





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Our Pricing:

Here is our current pricing table for the sizes we currently offer as well as the minimum order requirement for each. Do note that the minimum order is per color & size ordered. 


Price/Sheet in AED
Price/Sheet in USD
Minimum Quantity
Business Cards
2 0.54 100
4 1.09 100
5.5 1.5 50
A7 (5x7)
6.5 1.77 50
Menu 7 1.91 50
7.5 2.04 50
9 2.45 25
A6 Envelopes
9 2.45 25
A7 (5x7) Envelopes
11 3 25

 *For smaller quantities of paper required, feel free to browse our Ready to Ship section.

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Next Steps:

Now that you have chosen a color, size and quantity required you can begin to fill out our order request form. Please only fill it after you have read through everything on this page and are a serious buyer. For other inquiries please feel free to just email us instead. Once we have received your form we will reply with additional information regarding scheduling and timeline. Once you approve, we will send over an invoice and only after payment has been received will we move your request into production. We cannot accept every order that gets requested on here as the studio is only run by one person. Getting your request approved is highly dependent on our production schedule and the details of your request so do reach out to us way ahead of your project deadlines. We're so excited for our papers to be part of your special project.



Pro Pricing Program: 

If you are a designer, artist or creative looking to use our handmade paper for your clients and business you can join our Pro Pricing Program with discounted rates on all our papers. Minimum order quantity from the above table still applies. You can fill in the form below to get in touch. 

This program does not include those who wish to wholesale or resell our papers.