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Currently we have 12 colors in our permanent line.  

These colors are all inspired by nature. Earthy, muted and warm with a few cooler tones with slight warm undertones. Developing these colors took months of experiments as we are extremely passionate in developing just the perfect colors for our handmade paper. Each color is a work in progress and we hope to continue to strive to reach our goals for these colors. 

Do keep in mind that even if we follow our color recipes exactly, slight color variations may occur from batch to batch due to the nature of this handmade craft. Additionally, a lot of these colors shift in different lighting and it is almost impossible to get 100% accurate colors in photos. We hope you enjoy this current collection and we hope to continue to add on to it.

Samples will be available soon.


Bone A natural, creamy white color, with Abaca flecks throughout
Beige A neutral beige color
Chai A neutral darker beige
Blush A soft but warmer shade of pink
Oak A warm light brown
A warm muted light green
A medium neutral brown
A warm orangey red brown 
Stone A warm medium grey
Mist A light dusty blue
Indigo A medium/dark muted blue
A warmer dark green


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